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Learn to Skate
Learn to Skate
  • Children begin at the Tot or PreAlpha level depending upon their age and ability
  • Skaters learn the basics of balance, marching and gliding
  • Skaters who complete this level may choose to continue their development in the Hockey or Rising Skater programs

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Fall 2014 - updated 8/17/2014

Rising Skater
Rising Skater
  • The secondary level in class progression
  • For skaters who have completed the elements of Tot 1-3 and PreAlpha-Gamma
  • Skaters progress from forward and backward crossovers to beginner jumps and spins
  • Upon completion of the two levels within this program, skaters move to the Gold Star Freestyle program and pursue private lessons

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Summer 2014 - updated 6/20/2014

Gold Star
Gold Star
  • Floyd Hall Arena’s introductory course for the Freestyle program
  • Skaters wishing to participate must contact Kristen Fraser for an evaluation
  • Includes lessons in single jumps and basic spins
  • We recommend that you take this clinic in addition to private lessons with your coach

Information for Fall 2014 coming soon!

Future Champions
Future Champions
  • Competition Class
  • Jump at the chance to be a champion!!
  • Reach beyond your limits!!
  • Follow the Pathway to the Podium!!
  • Available on Open Freestyle
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Cost: $54/ 3 weeks
  • Start June 3 & 5
  • Saturday
  • Cost: $90/ 5 Weeks- June 7

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Spring 2014 - updated 6/4/2014

Homeschool Program
  • For children who are not confined to traditional school hours
  • Great substitute for phys. ed. classes
  • Family members can skate during practice time for a discounted price
  • Practice time included after class

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Spring 2014 - updated 6/4/2014

Synchronized Skating
  • Team sport which couples the style and grace of figure skating with camaraderie and support not easily found elsewhere
  • Great way to broaden your figure skating knowledge by adding teamwork, intricate formations and challenging step sequences to your base
  • Programs consist of solo free skating required elements making this a great extra practice opportunity for all
  • FHA Starlettes will compete in the ISI Holiday Challenge

Coming soon. Please contact Skating Director Kristen Fraser for more information.

My Tot and Me
  • For children who are not yet in school
  • Parents and children learn to skate together
  • Perfect opportunity to learn with mom and dad
  • Lessens separation anxiety

Information for Fall 2014 coming soon!

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